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Dashew Supply Company Announces Closing

March 2013 - Dashew Embroidery Supply Company of Baltimore, MD has officially announced the closing of their business and website located at Dashew was a venerable vendor of embroidery supplies with a 115 year history in the embroidery and sewing business. AllStitch regrets hearing this news and the loss of a great company in the industry. Here at AllStitch we have many of the same high quality embroidery supplies that Dashew carried along with excellent customer service. Please contact us with help in finding comparable supplies to the ones you were purchasing at Dashew.
Below is the full text of there press release
It is with much sadness and regret that we announce that Dashew Supply Company is going out of business. This has been our family’s company for over 115 years, but the economy and other factors have finally taken their toll on our small business.

April 2013 As Dashew cloeses their business, they recomend customers switch to Madeira embroidery threads. As a longtime Madeira distributor, AllStitch Embroidery Supplies will be happy to help former Dashew customers in the conversion to Madeira Thread. We allso carry a full line of embroiery supplies that are comparable to what Dashew was selling.
See press release below
An Open Letter to Dashew Customers from Owner Jory Bender
 I would like to take this opportunity to give you an update on Dashew Supply and your future embroidery supply needs. I know that as a Dashew customer, you have been concerned about our future, and how it will impact your business. While I am saddened to report that Dashew Supply will be closing after 117 years in the business, I am pleased to be able to share the news that I have reached an agreement with Madeira that I believe will be beneficial to you. The decision to recommend Madeira for your thread was a simple one. We’ve always known they make a good product and provide excellent customer service. And, I am pleased that they are a full service, one-stop-shop for you to get most of the supplies you need all at one time, from a single vendor.
The issue that has often been a stumbling block was the color conversion. I’m happy to let you know that I will be working, along with Madeira’s customer service representatives, to assure that you receive the support you need and deserve in this regard. I am told by Shirley Clark, Madeira’s president, that product quality and the number of important services available to customers serve to maintain Madeira’s leadership role in the industry. She assures me that Madeira will be reaching out to Dashew customers to make certain that the quality of their products and the excellence of their service will provide a smooth and flawless transition.
As you know, we have distributed another manufacturer’s thread for many years. While we at Dashew wished to continue that relationship, that wish was not reciprocated. As a result, due to the relationship I have had with you for so many years, I decided to find an alternate vendor that would be reliable and consistent, both in service and quality of product.
Overall, while I am saddened about having to close this business, I am delighted to have the opportunity to personally recommend an alternative. The tremendous response and kind notes I’ve received from our customers has been amazing.
We wish you every success. Sincerely, Jory Bender

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