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9/27/06 Hooping Helpers


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sewing collage

We are always looking for items to make embroidery easier for our customers. The difficulty of placement and hooping seem to be one of the big complaints among our customers. The products in this email will make those tasks easier and more consistent.

Use the Embroiderer's Buddy and Little Buddy to achieve perfect & consistent embroidery centering every time. These very simple tools can be used on all types of garments eliminating guess work. The industry standard embroidery placement markings on the Buddies save time by helping provide fast and easy positioning of your designs.
  • Easy placement on all types of garments, towels, table cloths, and much more
  • Exact embroidery center marking takes only seconds
  • Pre marked industry standard embroidery placement markings give you instant positioning for most people
  • Choose your own custom markings and get perfect positioning that's right for you.
  • Works with all embroidery machines
The Embroiderer's friends are a collection of hooping board for home embroidery machines. For those still hooping by hand, these are exactly the kinds of friends you need. By providing a stable base for you bottom hoop, your embroidery will be perfectly straight and precisely positioned every time.
  • Perfectly Straight and Precisely Positioned Holds Your Hoop Straight and Exactly Where You want it on all garments and Flat Items.
  • Table Lip Holds the Embroiderer's Friend securely in place on the edge of a table.
  • Contoured Shoulder Positions garments such as T shirts perfectly.
  • Grid Lines Align towels, blankets and flat goods perfectly (EVEN ON ANGLES).
  • Grooved Center Line Aids in keeping garments straight by sense of touch.
  • Works great with the Snappy Makes hooping easier than you could have thought possible.
  • Universal Brackets Hold all brands of hoops firmly in place for stability
Embroiderer's Adult Friend System (Pictured Above)
The Adult Friend System takes it one step further by including:
- An adult size Embroiderer's Friend
- A standard size (All 4 x 4 inch hoops) EZ Preset Frame for ultra quick hoop positioning anywhere on the Embroiderer's Friend -- you may even extend beyond the face for large sizes.
- A Stabil-hold magnetic stabilizer holder that keeps your stabilizer where you want it.
- An Instructional DVD full of hints and step by step lessons.
We recommend the Embroiderer's Friends Hooping Boards for use only by our customers with home machines.
The HoopMates is a more advanced version of the Friends.
  • Heavy duty elevated frame for fast garment changes
  • A standard size (All 4 x 4 inch hoops) EZ Preset Frame for ultra quick hoop positioning anywhere on the Embroiderer's Friend -- you may even extend beyond the face for large sizes.
  • A standard size (All 4 x 4 inch hoops) EZ Preset Frame for ultra quick hoop positioning anywhere on the Embroiderer's Friend -- you may even extend beyond the face for large sizes.
  • Hoop garments & projects with this 3 board hooping system
  • Includes - adult, junior, & infant/sleeve/pant leg boards
  • Boards interchange on an angled wood base which allows easier placement of garment over boards
  • Each board is designed with neckline and shoulder slope so garments drape naturally
  • Universal system works with most machine embroidery hoops
  • Quick-Set bracket system allows easy changing of hoop position
  • Optional accessory - Snappy - aids in hooping process
  • Instruction video included
We recommend the Embroiderer's HoopMates for use only by our customers with home machines.
The Snappy is the perfect companion to the Friends or HoopMates. The Snappy holds the top hoop and provides a large padded handle and knob for you to hold when snapping your top hoop in place. This is a great tool for any one that has difficulty getting the top hoop into place.
We recommend the Snappy for use only by our customers with home machines.
The E-Z PreSet Frames are an optional add on to any of the Embroider's Friends or HoopMates. The frames allow you to set the brackets for your hoop once and leave them set. Once you have the frames set you can then easily position it anywhere on the Friend or HoopMates. Having multiple frames makes switching between your different hoop sizes even easier.
The E-Z Preset frames are for use only with the Embroider's Friends or HoopMates
For our customers with commercial machines or the PR-600/EMP-6, the HoopMaster is the ultimate hooping station. HoopMaster is simple in design and built to withstand the punishment of a commercial embroidery environment. Even the most inexperienced employee will find it easy to use. HoopMaster will have new employees hooping quickly and accurately in no time at all. Your productivity and profitability will increase as well as the quality control your customers deserve. Put this innovative system to work for you. The many time saving and profit building features will quickly pay for themselves.
  • Magnetic backing material holder, instead of clips or messy tape.
  • Arms that actually support and automatically square your hoop.
  • Hoopmaster is made of some of the strongest materials available.
  • When changing logo location there is not any hardware to adjust
HoopMaster is only compatible with commercial machines and hoops

Thanks for shopping with us, I truly appreciate and value your buisiness.
When it comes to embroidery supplies, you have many choices.
We're glad you chose AllStitch.





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