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9/04 NEB Embroidery Bobbins

AllStitch & NEB Bobbins

Baltimore, MD , September, 2004     By now you have heard of the NEB Embroidery Bobbin. The Plastic core, wound parallel, and high quality embroidery bobbin thread has made this embroidery bobbin a sensation in the machine Embroidery Industry. As you read this, hundreds of machine embroidery users are already benefiting from this superior embroidery bobbin. You no doubt pride yourself on making quality machine embroidery. The NEB Bobbin is another way to achieve that goal. Articles have been published in the Newsletter "South-Tec Times", Stitches Magazine¬©, Embroidery Business News¬©, and are recommended by The National Network of Embroidery Professionals¬©. AllStitch Embroidery sUpplies is excited to be able to add this prewound embroidery bobbin to our product line.

- Parallel wind for smoother running
- More usable yards per gross; less waste
- More yards, less down time, more production
- No fuzz, lint, or wax buildup from paper bobbins
- No distorted flanges from humidity or oiling
- No jerks or jamming from distorted flanges

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