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09/03 Magnetic Core Bobbins - Magna-Glide Machine Embroidery Bobbins

New Magnetic Core Bobbin

Hagerston, MD , September, 2003     In partnership with Fil-Tec, Inc., AllStitch LLC is proud to be involved in the product launch of an entirely new type of bobbin. The Fil-Tec magnetic core bobbin is a revolutionary sideless bobbin providing consistent thread tension throughout the entire bobbin. This new bobbin is unlike competitive bobbins that have erratic tensions as the bobbin gets smaller and "jumps" in the bobbin case.

Uniform Tension Control
  • The magnetic core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin
  • No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller.
  • The magnetic core prevents backlash or over spin and eliminates the need for check springs
Fewer Bobbin Changes
  • More yards per bobbin compared to conventional paper-sided bobbins
  • Fewer bobbin changes results in fewer defects and more production.
Clean Running
  • Advanced EB cross-link technology reduces lint and residual build-up in bobbin case and tension spring
  • A more trouble-free bobbin
High Quality Yarn
  • The finest quality, high tenacity polyester yarn

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